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Resell Bill Payments

Become a Wallx Agent and sell Airtime, Data, WAEC Pins, DSTV, GOTV, Electricity and other Subscriptions whilst earning a commission as an agent.


As a Wallx Agent you can send, transfer, withdraw and receive money for your customers and charge them a commission.


WallxVend allows you to lock down some funds for a limited period to grow your business as an agent and earn a commission upfront.

ePin Withdrawal

WallxVend allows you to withdraw money from an Agent near you without a Bank Account, ATM Card or a smartphone. Pick up your cash with just a PIN.

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Provide Quick and Easy Services to your customers

Earn Commissions as a WallX Point of Sale Agent and sell from anywhere.

Bill Payment

1% — 5%

Earn Commissions for Reselling Utility Services and Bank Transfers.

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2% — 5%

Lock funds towards a goal and Earn Wallet Interest.

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ePin Withdrawal


Customers can pick up cash without a debit card or bank account from any of our POS Agents nationwide.

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